If you drive a commercial vehicle, you need a dash cam. There’s no way around it. Insurance scams involving commercial vehicles is huge. Companies, especially larger corporations have huge automotive and liability insurance coverage. As a commercial driver, you are the target of brake checks, road rage, insurance fraud and more, every day.

Dash cameras have come down significantly in price. They have storage for days of driving built in, decent night vision, high definition cameras, crash detection, GPS logging to challenge speeding tickets and more. Most also have an option for multiple cameras if you’d like to add a rear camera outside on fixed trucks, buses or vans. They will also activate if the vehicle is bumped or moved while the vehicle is off, this is handy for catching parking lot accidents, someone backing into your truck, an illegal tow, or more.

We love and support our officers, but lets be real, there are always the few bad apples. Many dash cams also have a camera facing the driver compartment with audio recording for those dreaded police or DOT stops. Law enforcement are typically on their best behavior when they know they’re being video and audio recorded. Many drivers will put a notice on the door indicating that audio/video recording is being used.

All footage captured on the Blackvue 900S-2CH Camera

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